Aikido School of Athens, Inc

The Aikido School of Athens now is sponsoring a Musoshinden Ryu Iaido study group.  The purpose of the group is for Iaido students to meet in a structured atmosphere to share the practice of iai.  The class is held each Saturday at 9 am by Aikido Sensei Theron Bennett.  Sensei Bennett is a student of Sensei Mark Pickens, 6th Dan Renshi of the Musoshinden Ryu Iaido.  Sensei Pickens works abroad and visits the Winder dojo when he is in town to hold iai training.  The study group is free of charge however donations to assist in reimbursing the dojo overhead are welcomed.  To those who are new in the practice of iai the study group provides a unique opportunity for a proper introduction to the craft in a relaxed yet structured atmosphere.