Aikido School of Athens, Inc

 We opened our Aikido School in Athens, GA in July, 2006.  After a couple of years, we moved to Winder, GA to be more accessible to the families we serve.  We then added our classes at the Jefferson Recreation Center and have been going strong at both locations since. We now run the Oldest Martial Arts School in Jefferson. 
    Come by either of our two locations: 56 A North Broad Street in Winder, GA and The Jefferson Recreation Center, 2495 Old Pendergrass Rd in Jefferson, GA for Aikido Self Defense classes.  We also offer classes in Iaido (traditional sword work), Kendo practice and Women's Self Defense. Private and small group classes are available, just ask for details!
Call us for more information! (706) 870-5519


This video shows how even a beginner can learn basic self defense moves that work.

Takama Hara (all encompassing universe) describes the philosophy behind our style of Aikido. We believe in exploring all facets of Aikido and other arts to develop a more rounded philosophy. Takama Hara Aikido combines using an attacker’s energy against them by blending with their attack, taisabaki (body movement), chokes and wristlocks of Jujutsu, throws and sweeps of Judo, kicks, strikes and blocks of Karate and Kenpo, and weapon forms of Iaido and Kali/Escrima.
Takama Hara Aikido covers everything from defenses off chokes and grips to dealing with multiple attackers and attackers with weapons. We also explore the many sword and staff kata related to open hand techniques making it the premier place for martial arts instruction in Winder and Jefferson.