Takama Hara Aikido 
The Aikido School of Athens in Winder & Jefferson

Our Aikido

Come join in class at our New location: 
56 A North Broad Street, Winder
Jefferson Recreation Center
2495 Old Pendergrass Road, Jefferson!

We have Family Classes (Adults and Children) Saturday from 11 am to 12:30 pm at each location! Check it out here.

Takama Hara (all encompassing universe) describes the philosophy behind our style of Aikido. We believe in exploring all facets of Aikido and other arts to develop a more rounded philosophy. Takama Hara Aikido combines using an attacker’s energy against them by blending with their attack, taisabaki(body movement), chokes and wristlocks of Jujutsu, throws and sweeps of Judo, kicks, strikes and blocks of Karate and Kenpo, and weapon forms of Iaido and Kali/Escrima
Takama Hara Aikido covers everything from defenses off chokes and grips to dealing with multiple attackers and attackers with weapons. We also explore the many sword and staff kata related to open hand techniques.

Let us help you be the best that you can be... Come by today!

Pay for class online!  Check out our PayPal link on the Rates and Schedules Page!
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